Google’s Project Tango is moving out of Google X to its own division


Google X is a division within Google where its most outlandish projects exist, or as Google likes to call them, “moonshots”. Self-Driving Cars, 3D Mapping Phones, AR Goggles? See, where we are getting at? And those are the things we know: Who knows what other crazy technology Google is working on?

Google Project Tango is a Project within Google X which is basically the vision of a Phone, which is physically aware of its surroundings with the help of a myriad of cameras and sensors, and so opens new doors for developers to innovate.

Now, Google has deemed that this Project has matured enough to move out of Google X and into its own division. We don’t know what it means for the Project, except that the Project is closer to a consumer release, though not so much that you should hold your breath.

Google Glass too was moved into its own division recently.

What do you think? Are you ready for devices that are aware of their surroundings?


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