The new Raspberry Pi packs a punch, and can run Windows, at $35

The Raspberry Pi is a $35 Computer made for educating children and encouraging them to explore the innards of computers, and tinker with software. Of course, with such a cheap Price and so many IO options, it quickly became a staple of every Maker’s toolkit.

The Raspberry Pi hasn’t really been updated from its release back in 2012, except for some design changes brought about by the B+ and the A+.

The innards, a Processor with ARMv6 Architecture along with a powerful GPU were surprisingly capable of handling many tasks, but they were still underpowered.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has listened to our cries, and has announced the Pi 2 B, two years ahead of schedule (They claimed no new Raspberry Pi till 2017). And boy, what an upgrade it is.

It has a 900 Mhz quad-Core Broadcom Processor with ARMv7 Architecture and 1GB RAM. Four cores. That gives roughly 6 times the performance of the measly single core and 512mb RAM in the original Raspberry Pi (Number obtained from benchmarking).

The New Raspberry Pi: A Turbocharged Quad-Core Real PC for $35

This opens the door to more powerhungry projects. The chip has been selected such that backwards compatibility with existing software is possible, and the Board has the exact same size and layout as the B+, so your peripherals and cases should fit correctly.

Like the B+, it has a HDMI Port, a four pole stereo and composite output port, Ethernet, four USB Ports, microSD Port, DSI Connector and 40 GPIO Pins.

It still has 100Mbit Ethernet, a tradeoff with the backwards compatible Chip, but it is worth it. And since it is ARMv7, it is compatible with a wider range of Software and Operating Systems, including Ubuntu.

And another surprise, Microsoft has announced that its Windows 10 will be offered for the Raspberry Pi, and that too for free. Of course, it wouldn’t be the full version of Windows 10, given the incompatibilities of the ARM Architecture, but this is still pretty exciting, and unexpected.

The best part? It is still $35, the same rock bottom price the original Raspberry Pi came at. And older models aren’t being discontinued, and can still be bought.

It can be bought today, but there is limited stock and a lot of traffic, so you will have a hardtime getting one. Good luck!

What do you think? Blown away by the things you can get for $35?


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