Report: Google is going to completely revamp Glass


It would be an understatement to say that Google Glass hasn’t caught on. While, yes, people have been shooting statements left and right about the privacy concerns of Google Glass, meaning that Glass is pretty well known. But that is not the publicity Google wants, of course.

This is why Google announced recently that Tony Fadell is taking over the division, shuttering down the Explorer Program and doing things his own way. The problem? We didn’t know what his way was.

Now, with the help of a report by the New York Times, we finally know what he is up to. It seems that Google Glass will not be released  for a considerable amount of time, and till then, the Nest Founder will restart the project from scratch, keeping its central ideals, but revamping the hardware and software.

Tony Fadell won’t handle it like Google did and annnounce it before the public is ready and the product is ready. No, he is a man who obsesses on the details, a man who wants to push out quality Products, not half finished ones, which is worth of a man often regarded as the next Steve Jobs. If you know your tech history, then you will surely know that Tony Fadell worked on the iPod at Apple, and we all know how iconic its design was.

We are hoping that he can bring some of his hardware expertise and intuition in order to make a better Glass.

This potentially means better Battery Life, better Software and more uses. And we think the extra time it will take for Glass to release isn’t bad at all. This is why there is currently a sort of stigma surrounding Glass, which will take some years to settle down.

We may see a Glass release two-three years down the line.

What do you think? Will Tony Fadell be able to turn around the Glass Project?


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