Neptune announces the Duo: A Smartwatch that can be a Watch and a Phone, simultenously

neptune duo-3

The Neptune Pine is a Smartwatch that aimed to replace your Smartphone by dragging its guts out and putting it in a bulky enclosure on your wrist. Turns out that people want a Screen bigger than the one on their wrist, and they want a Wearable to be fashionable, which is why the Pine didn’t see much success.

Now, it is back with the Duo, with is a refined version of the Pine. It looks like a huge bracelet, and looks quite cool, though we won’t know till we get our mitts on it. The Smartwatch has the guts of a Smartphone, and this time around, you also get a separate 5 inch Display that comes in handy when you want a Screen that is bigger than what you can get on your Wrist.

It has a quad Core Processor along with 1GB of RAM and the usual set of radios: Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC, etc. It also has LTE radios for on the go Internet. The companion 5 Inch screen is a dumb one, with no guts inside.

Its dumb Screen enclosure also has two Cameras, for when you want to click some pictures.

It costs $649, and you can preorder from their Website by depositing a small fee.

It looks a tad bit bulky to us, and the whole concept of Smartwatches with another device to charge looks a little bit murky for us. Neptune needs to refine its concepts further, and get us a Smartwatch that looks good and is functional.

What do you think? Is the Duo a representation of how Smartwatches should be?


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