Pebble teases its next Smartwatch: Color Screen with the same Stellar Battery Life

Is this the new Pebble, complete with colour display?

The Pebble is a Smartwatch pioneer, and if you are seeing a Wearable resurgence, it is probably the reason. But after two years of ruling the Smartwatch Market, the Pebble now faces intense competition from Google and Apple, and now it has to step up its game to survive.

Pebble set up an event for 24th for a new announcement, which is most probably a new Smartwatch. Now, Pebble has given away some clues about how it would look like.

It seems it will have a color screen, albeit a low-res one according to the picture inadvertently leaked by Pebble. And judging by the Picture, we wager it is some form of ePaper, meaning that it will have the same stellar Battery Life for which the original Pebble is praised for.

According to the rumors, it will have an integrated Microphone, but no touchscreen. Meaning a revamped UI and Voice Command support.

We have to wait till tomorrow for the official announcement, but we are excited about Pebble’s next Smartwatch from what we know.

What do you think? Is Pebble’s next Smartwatch poised to take on Apple and Google?


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