Pebble announces the Pebble Time in a crowdfunding Campaign that is earning $1000 every second

Over the past week, we saw Pebble announce its event, and inadvertently, as with the launch of every Product, rumors predicted what Pebble may be working on before its announcement.

Now, Pebble has officially announced the Pebble Time and is collecting funding through Kickstarter.

The new Pebble is much slimmer and lighter, and has a design that is a departure from the original. One of the most noticeable differences is the color ePaper Screen, meaning that it can display Color without sacrificing the excellent 7 day Battery Life of the original Pebble.

This Pebble also has an inbuilt Microphone for Voice Commands in certain Apps, and Pebble has decided to not include a touchscreen, as it says a Smartwatch is supposed to be controlled without seeing, and buttons do the job better than Touchscreens, which makes sense.

It comes with a completely revamped version of Pebble’s OS, which prioritizes notifications instead of Apps. You’ll see notifications instead of having to jump into an App, and while the App Ecosystem will still exist, it will be given less priority.

The best part is that the Pebble Time, even with the hardware changes is compatible with all Apps in the Pebble App Store. These Apps will run in Black and White, at least until their developers add color assets.

The updated OS will be ported soon to the original Pebble and Pebble Steel.

It is compatible with both Android and iOS  making it a versatile Smartwatch.

Pebble has launched its campaign on Kickstarter. It doesn’t need funding, and has already started Production, but is trying to crowdfund its campaign because it wants to thank the people who were the reason why the Pebble is so popular, and so have started a crowdfunding Campaign to be closer to their users.

Early bird backers could get the unit at $149, but that is all sold out, and the next tier is $179 and so on. It will retail for $199 and will start shipping in May. Pebble set a $500,000 funding goal, but it smashed the goal in 20 minutes and right now, it is collecting over 1000 funds every second, with it having raise upwards of 4 million dollars within hours of its launch, which is very impressive.

The Pebble Time is on its way to becoming the most funded Kickstarter Campaign.

We are excited about Pebble’s new Smartwatch, and we think it is the best one available. It has a large App Ecosystem, a color Screen, voice Recognition and a Battery Life that can’t be matched by competitors, making the Pebble Time one of the best Smartwatches available.

What do you think? Is it time for the Pebble Time?


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