LG announces the world’s first LTE Smartwatch , and it runs neither Android Wear nor WebOS

lg watch urbane lte1

Smartwatches are slowly shaping up to be a viable Market, and while they aren’t all that successful right now, they are expected to be a multibillion Dollar Industry in the next few years.

With Smartphone Shipments declining year by year, Manufacturers are desperately looking for another revenue source, and Smartwatches may just be that, which is why many manufacturers are jumping into the Industry with many entry points into the Smartwatch Market.

LG has been more active than other manufacturers, and within a year, it already has three Android Wear Smartwatches and one WebOS Smartwatch, which is extremely impressive. Evidently LG isn’t content, as it has now announced the LTE Version of the ┬áLG Urbane Smartwatch, and has said that it won’t run Android Wear.

The Verge concluded from an Email correspondence with LG that it won’t run WebOS either, meaning that it runs on a proprietary Platform developed by LG.

To clarify, the regular non-LTE variant of the Urbane runs Android Wear, but the LTE Variant doesn’t. It may be worth pointing out that this is the first LTE Wearable in the world.

We will get more details about it, such as the price and the release date at MWC which is going to take place soon.


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