Sandisk packs in 200GB in the size of a MicroSD Card

sandisk ultra 200gb microsd

Flash Memory is experiencing rapid change, and after the first few years of being stuck within the limits of Megabytes, we are now moving at a pace of gigabytes, and the flash memory space is chock full of innovation. 

Last year, at MWC 2014, Sandisk unveiled its 128GB Card, which seemed impressive at the time, and now, Sandisk has announced a 200GB microSD Card with is downright impressive and it is unbelievable that Sandisk has been able to pack so much space in such a small package.

It was only in the last decade that SSDs started hitting this capacity, and within a span of a few years we are seeing such high capacities in such small spaces.

It is a class 10 microSD Card, capable of transferring at the rate of 90mb/s, meaning upto 1200 photos per minute. It will cost $399, so it is obviously only a proof of concept for now, and within a year or two we may see prices come down to affordable levels.

What do you think? Will we ever be able to fit a Terabyte into the size of a MicroSD Card?


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