Your phone is going to become a Controller for Android TV Devices

Using a phone as an Android TV game controller

Google has a fascination with the TV Industry, but hasn’t really been able to crack it. Its first failed endeavor was Google TV, which was frankly a disaster, and then came the Nexus Q, which was very well designed but it too was a flop due to its high price and lack of functionality.

In recent years, Google has been experimenting again, and this time it seems to be successful. First came the Chromecast, a $35 device that was a runaway success, and then came Android TV, which has a polished Interface and has garnered positive reviews.

But for playing Games on Android TV, you need to shell out for an additional Controller, but if you don’t want to, you will soon get the option to use your Phone instead, as Google revealed.

The new feature will be integrated into the next Play Services update. However, you can’t just pick up your Phone and start playing any game right away. You need to wait for developers to support this new feature.

This update is releasing soon.

What do you think? Is your Smartphone good enough for gaming on your TV?



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