Sony announces new iteration of its Project Morpheus, and also announces its Release Date

This is Sony's new Project Morpheus, launching in the first half of 2016

Sony’s PS4 is one of its most successful Consoles till data, with the PS2 being the best-selling Console of all time and the PS3 only catching up in sales in its later years. The PS4 was off to a great start, with 10 million pushed out within months, overtaking its rival the Xbox One.

And now, at GDC 2015, Sony has revealed that over 20 million Units have been sold, which makes for an extremely impressive number. Sony has also announced an upgraded version of Project Morpheus, its Virtual Reality Headset for the PS4.

The original Morpheus was refined and many reviewers gave positive comments about it, and Sony is now building on that with more powerful hardware, including 1080p OLED Screens with a 120hz Refresh Rate, making for a sharp and smooth experience.

The size also has increased from 5 inches to 5.7 inches, which may not seem like much, but in a VR Headset inches from your face, it is akin to using a large HDTV.

Sony also demonstrated a nifty technique it calls reprojection, with which it can essentially display at 120fps even when the original output from the PS4 is just 60fps.

Sony says that this is close to the final model, and that it will release in the first half of 2016, which is still a long way to go. We, for one, are very excited about this and the possibilities it brings.

What do you think? Will the Project Morpheus defeat the likes of the Oculus Rift?


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