Apple may announce the iPad Pro in October with limited Supplies initially

iPad Sales are falling, and while they have not completely stopped, it is a fact that the days of explosive iPad Sales growth are now over. Now Apple needs to do something to pump some life into the iPad Ecosystem, and many have been suggesting for months that  a larger more Business-focused iPad Pro would help boost sales.

The Bloomberg reports that due to difficulties in scouring displays, the production will begin later than usual, making for limited supplies when it launches, usually sometime after its event in October.

The WSJ reports that it has a 12.9 Inch Screen and that Apple is experimenting with ports such as USB 3.0, which give it more PC-style compatibility with accessories, while keeping the size as portable as possible. Apple is also looking for ways to make the iPad Pro charge up faster.

In other rumors, the iPad Pro would have an optimized version of iOS for the larger screen, with features such as split-screen Multitasking.

We have to wait till October for Apple’s official Announcement. We are looking forward to see what Apple does with the iPad Pro.

What do you think? Will the iPad Pro be able to improve iPad Sales?


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