Acer has a new Chromebox, and it is a beefy one

You don’t see a lot of ChromeOS Desktops, and that’s because the whole concept of a light Web-dependent OS just seems suited for Laptops, but it seems Google thinks that ChromeOS has matured enough for Desktops, which is why we are seeing Chromeboxes popping up, which are essentially small little boxes packed with low-end innards running ChromeOS.

Acer has announced a new Chromebox, and unlike other Chromeboxes, it is actually powerful, and is a bit pricey. It has an Intel 4th Generation Dual-Core Processor, along with 8GB of RAM and the ability to output 4K, which is a tantalizing bonus.

It has a 16GB SSD and runs ChromeOS.

It will cost $350 with 4GB of RAM and $400 for 8GB of RAM. We think it is a little pricey considering the limited capabilities of ChromeOS

What do you think? Is it better value than other amazing HTPCs at the same Price?



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