Apple announces the Macbook: Thinner than your wildest fantasies


The Macbook Line of Laptops hasn’t really seen a big change in the last few years, and it looks like Apple is looking to change that.

Apple has announced the Macbook. No, it is not the new Macbook Air, nor is it the new Macbook Pro. It is just the Macbook, and it is the one we have been clamoring for all these years. For years, ever since the introduction of the Retina Macbook Pro, we have been clamoring for a similar Macbook Air revamp, and this time, Apple has delivered. In spades.

The new Macbook changes the very definition of what a Macbook, and for that matter what a Laptop should be. The first thing you would notice is just how thin it is, at 13mm and you pick it up, you will be surprised at its weight, clocking in at 2 pounds, which is amazingly light.

The new Macbook has no ports, except for a Headphone Jack and another small connector. You’ll be wondering about the lack of USB Ports, and rightly so.

Turns out that the Macbook is the first Laptop with a USB Type-C Connector, meaning that one port can charge the Laptop, power peripherals, and output to an external Display, which is nifty, but some may miss those very ports. This is why Apple is offering a $19 USB to USB Type C converter, and a $79 Hub for the power user.

Another tradeoff to make is the Keyboard, which is a bit shallow with low key travel. Apple says it has changed the mechanism from Scissor Keys to Butterfly mechanisms, and promises that the typing Experience wouldn’t be all that different, but we are skeptical.

Apple also changed the Trackpad, and brought the taptic engine from the Apple Watch. Instead of a simple right click, you have a Force Click, where the Trackpad can actually know the force with which you are pressing it. For example, press to fast forward, and and press harder to forward with a higher speed.

It has a 12 Inch Retina Display, at a resolution of 2304×1440 pixels, finally giving us the Macbook we have been clamoring for. Underneath is an Intel Core M Processor, which is designed to offer performance while sipping, rather than guzzling power.

The Core M runs at low temperatures, which is why the Macbook is fanless, making it completely silent.

It is a special low power Chip on an especially small Motherboard, enabling Apple to stuff the rest of the Body with Batteries. Apple promises 9 to 10 hours of Battery Life, which is simply incredible.

The low Power Processor is bundled with 8GB of RAM, which is enough for most people.

It is launching on April 10th, and is available in three colors: Silver, Space Gray and Gold. It will start at $1299, giving you a 256GB SSD and you have to increase your budget to increase your Storage Space and the RAM size.

The Macbook gives us a glimpse into the future of Laptops: Portable, Fanless and a great Display.

What do you think? Are you enamored with the Macbook yet?


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