Report: Android Wear’s next Update will add WiFi and Gesture Support

The Wearable Market is heating up, with the Apple Watch launching yesterday. While it isn’t exactly revolutionary in terms of features compared to the competition, one cannot deny that Apple has a loyal fanbase, and the popularity of the Apple Watch can help Wearables themselves to become more popular.

Now according to The Verge, Google is working on the next update of Android Wear, and it will add in WiFi Support. Currently, the only Android Wear Smartwatch with WiFi is the Sony Smartwatch 3, but that may change soon.

The next update will also recognize gestures, meaning that you quickly flick your wrist, you’ll quickly scroll through the contents of that notification.

It will also have some UI Tweaks to make Android Wear even more simple and more accessible.

We don’t know when it will be releasing. Indeed, we admire Sony’s decision to include WiFi, looking into the future to future proof their Products.

What do you think? Will Android Wear be able to compete with the Apple Watch?


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