BBC announces the Micro Bit: To bring the gift of Coding to UK Schools

Today, technology is simpler than ever, with ever improving User Interfaces and the average technology user almost never having to touch a piece of code in their entire lives. Everything is through a button or a touch, and is something even babies can do.

But this simplification of technology has ramifications, and that too huge ones: Declination of the popularity of Computer Education. Before, in the age of Terminals and open boards, everyone who knew how to use a computer knew how to code and knew basics of electronics, because they needed these qualities to use those devices.

Now, everything is simple and no one needs such skills to get through everyday life, and that means less and less people are learning to code and that means a scary technological future where everybody knows how to use devices, but no one knows to create stuff and innovation stagnates.

The BBC, which revolutionized the field of Computers with the BBC Micro in the 80s, is now back with its long overdue successor: The Micro Bit.

It is the first building block to help kids learn to code, and the BBC will be distributing it too all students in Year 7.

It is a basic Board that can plug into PCs, and if you don’t have access to one, it can also interface with the low cost Raspberry Pi or the Arduino.

BBC will also be providing TV Programming to make young minds curious about the workings of Computers, thus making it come full circle, with the BBC Micro also adopting such methods leading to its widespread popularity.

BBC aims to spread the gift of coding across the UK. It will begin its mission in the fall of this year.

What do you think? Will the Micro Bit be successful?


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