YouTube adds support for 360 degree Videos: Cats in Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a new medium, and can completely change how we experience things, but as with any new medium, it needs content to succeed. 3D failed because of lack of content, and Virtual Reality needs more content in order to read mainstream adoption.

YouTube seems to be doing its part, because it has announced that it will now support uploading of 360 degree Videos, best experienced through Virtual Reality Headsets. Those unfortunate to not own a Virtual Reality Headset, can use the slider with the good old mouse to view these Videos and change perspectives.

Here is an example:

These videos can also be viewed on Android, but not iOS (Yet. They are working on compatibility). This feature comes as 360 degree Cameras are readying for public release.

There aren’t many videos right now, but we expect the number to increase soon.

What do you think? Will YouTube be the center of Virtual Reality Content Production?


What are your Thoughts? Speak your Mind!

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