Google Now is going to become a lot more intelligent: It will show Cards from all Apps with an Open API

Google Now is a great Service in theory, and can offer information before you ask for it. While in some cases it works out great, such as when you want the weather or are boarding a flight, Google Now isn’t embedded as firmly in your life.

Google is looking to change that, as Project Director Aparna Chennapragada has revealed that Google is currently working on an open API for Google Now, enabling all developers to plug in data into the Card-based Virtual Assistant.

Currently, only a few developers can show data on Google Now, and even they are restricted and don’t integrate all that well with Now, and now with the open API Kit, all developers can get full integration with Google Now, making it a lot more useful.

We don’t know when this open API will be completed, but we are looking forward to it.

What do you think? Will the upgrade make you start using Google Now more (Or at all?)?


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