Microsoft announces Windows 10’s Release Date: Over the Summer in 190 Countries and 111 Languages

Windows releases move in a tick tock movement, where the release following a successful release flops. Case in point, look at Vista and Windows 8, and both were flops. 

Windows XP and Windows 7, however, were run out successes, and going by that trend, Windows 10 should be a massive success, and it is shaping out to be one, with Spartan, Cortana and the like, making it a truly modern OS.

Microsoft earlier proposed that Windows 10 will be released in the Fall, but it has now announced that it will be releasing Windows 10 in the Summer in 190 Countries and over 111 languages.

It is expected to fix the disaster that was Windows 8, and then some more. This is why Microsoft is releasing Windows 10 as a free update for these users for one year.

We don’t know the exact date, but we sure as hell are excited for Windows 10.

What about  you? Would Windows 10 be a runaway success, or will it be a flop, jeopardizing the future of Microsoft?


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