Report: Apple is planning to revamp the Apple TV, bringing the power of Siri and HomeKit to your Home Theater

Apple and TV, two words that seem pretty familiar, but while we dream on and on about Apple venturing into TV, we see no results.

For years, rumors have associated Apple with the Television Industry in one way or the another, be it an Apple Television or an Apple Streaming Service.

In 2007, Apple announced the Apple TV, which was a little Box made from streaming Videos and for being an Airplay receiver. These were the only two things it did, and it was neither popular nor a flop.

It was right in the middle, with the first one being popular with tinkerers due to it being a great device to install XBMC.

Now, according to Buzzfeed, Apple is planning to completely revamp the Apple TV.

This means upgraded innards, of course, which in turn means better performance and more storage. But what’s more important, is that the latest Apple TV will have Siri built in, and as earlier rumors suggested, it will also have HomeKit, aka Apple’s home automation System, capabilities.

It will be the central hub for your home, and it will even have an App Store, unlike previous Apple TVs. Of course, it will have access to Apple’s rumored Streaming Service, if it is indeed going to be announced in June.

It will be announced in WWDC, and we have to wait till then.

What do you think? Are you impressed by how the new Apple TV is shaping up to be?


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