Facebook is working on a Virtual Reality-friendly Newsfeed

Attendees wait in line before the start of the Facebook F8 Developers Conference in San Francisco, March 25, 2015.

In the next few years, we are going to witness the emergence of a whole new Industry: That of Virtual Reality. This Industry will have two parts: One is the Hardware, meaning the stuff that makes Virtual Reality possible, such as Headsets, sensors, etc and the Content, which makes Virtual Reality enjoyable.

Facebook is looking to capitalize on the content part of Virtual Reality, and it is looking to make Facebook VR-compatible. It acquired Oculus way back in the beginning of 2014, and since then, it has been experimenting with Virtual Reality.

Today, at its annual Developers Conference, it has announced the Virtualification of the News Feed, starting with 360 degree Virtual Reality Video compatibility being brought to the Newsfeed.

This means that you are giving an entirely new Perspective to consumers: That of no perspective. Users can view the event from any angle they want, and this increases the level of immersiveness.

And the best part is that Virtual Reality Headsets are not needed for 360 Degree Videos, though it is strongly recommended. You can simply resort to clicking and dragging or touching the Video to change the perspective. This experience isn’t anywhere close to true Virtual Reality, but it is definitely a step up from good old Videos.

Facebook currently has over 3 billion Video Views everyday, and with Virtual Reality, it is hoping to massively increase its userbase, reduce bounce rate and help it become a more effective platform for Advertisers, through more immersive content.

What do you think? Will Facebook make it big in the Virtual Reality playground?


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