Report: Microsoft is building a Surface RT that doesn’t run Windows RT


It is undeniable that Windows 8 was a failure. It was supposed to be. It was supposed to be a beta, a dipping in the waters test for a unified OS that runs uniformly on all devices.

In reality, while Microsoft has made no such admission, Windows 10 was the real consumer version of Windows 8. It was truly unified, with all form factors sharing the same core OS, instead of having multiple fragmented OSes unified under one weak umbrella.

And that meant Windows RT had to go, because it was pretty much useless. It looked like Windows 8, but it didn’t run Windows applications.

When Microsoft announced the Surface Pro 3, it didn’t announce the Surface RT, because Windows RT no longer existed. Now, according to WinBeta, Microsoft is building its replacement: A cheap version in the Surface Lineup, but only this time, it would run the full version of Windows.

But how? Windows still isn’t properly optimized for ARM Devices, and Windows RT was the only optimized Windows variant, so what is Microsoft doing?

Well, Microsoft is probably going with the Intel Core M, which is a x86 based Processor that runs cool and so can run fanless, making it suitable for a Tablet.

It will probably be announced at or before BUILD, and will initially run Windows 8.1, but will of course qualify for the free Windows 10 upgrade.

What do you think? Is the Surface Lineup finally stepping up?



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