Google is going all in, and has started testing 4K 60fps Videos for YouTube


A content revolution is in the making, and Google wants to be the first to take advantage of it. And this revolution isn’t just the arrival  of one technology, it is the arrival of a convergence of many new technologies, including 4K, 60fps Video and Virtual Reality.

4K Content is poised to explode in the next few years, and 60fps content is being adopted by more and more people. Now YouTube has already added support for 4K Videos and 1080p 60fps Videos, but now it is adding support for 4k 60fps Videos, offering you the best possible experience.

However, you need a powerful rig to run these Videos, because 4K 60fps can be quite intensive, and you also need a 4K Display to really see the difference, along with a good high-speed Internet Connection to load these videos at a reasonable pace.

Of course, Google has provided 4k 60fps Videos, but other than these, 4k 60fps is a rarity on YouTube. Even just 4K isn’t widespread enough.

We may see more such content in the next few years as the price of Cameras for shooting such content comes down, and as high-speed Internet adoption increases.

What do you think? Will 4K be big in the next few years?


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