Amazon steps up, and now allows you to order Home Services, i.e Professionals who are willing to do anything for you

A plumber at work

Online Shopping is truly a gift to the couch-potato, and in a way, we all are couch potatoes. Instead of standing in long queues and taking up the hassle of driving to the Store, online shopping has helped us to order anything from the comfort of our couches.

And Amazon has been one of the pioneers of online Shopping, and now it is looking to turn a new leaf with the launch of Home Services on Amazon.

Home Services basically means that you can call professionals who can do anything for you, from the local plumber to a piano teacher to a cleaner to just about anything else you need, such as fixing the broken pipe, helping you with tech, or anything else you can dream of.

And these professionals are carefully chosen by Amazon, which is why you can be assured of getting quality Work, and you don’t pay till the job is done properly.

Everything is handled through the good old Amazon Platform, that takes care of payments and order placement, which is easier than ever,

Of course, Amazon isn’t the first in this field. ┬áMagic is a small startup that has a somewhat similar Business Model, ordering services via SMS, but their services are done by people who aren’t really professionals, and Magic’s services are small and of another type, such as the local grocery store run,

And the whole everything as a service methodology first originated with Uber.

Coming back to Amazon, its Home Services will be available in the US across 41 cities, with expansion planned to other areas.

What do you think? Are we approaching a point where we can get anything online?