OnePlus announces a $20 Drone on April Fools Day, and it is not fake

OnePlus is an up and coming company that has built its business around high-end Phones selling at low prices, and even with limited availability and a complicated invite system, it has managed to sign up more than a million buyers.

It announced that it is looking to launch a new Product, and said that it won’t be a Smartphone or a Smartwatch.

Now, it has announced its new Product: The DR1, a low-cost Drone that is supposed to “change everything.”

It is the smallest drone in the world, at a width of 70mm, which makes it extremely tiny. What is impressive is that in this small size, it can pack in 5-8 minutes of airtime for 20 minutes of charging, which seems a bit lacking, but for the price this drone is selling, it is pretty good.

Speaking of the price, this drone will sell for a measly $19.99, and it seems that it will be available only in the US. Despite OnePlus announcing it on April Fools Day, it seems that this Drone isn’t a prank. Though it is available only in limited quantities, and you have to endure quite a bit of effort to procure this drone, which can take around 3-7 days to ship.

What do you think? Is a drone business a step in the right direction for OnePlus?


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