Sony is buying OnLive, and is shutting it down soon

Cloud Game Streaming is a great service in principle. All the heavy work is done by the servers, and you  may as well as play the latest game in the highest quality possible on any device? That’s the dream. That’s what cloud streaming offers.

Unfortunately, with unsuitable download speeds, upload speeds and especially ping times, Cloud Gaming is way ahead of its time. Maybe if Google Fiber penetrates markets around the world, Cloud Gaming may have a better future.

OnLive was one of the first cloud gaming Services, and unfortunately, it went into trouble after trouble within months of it starting its services. Footage was low quality, controls were laggy and everything was essentially unplayable.

Now, OnLive has announced that it is being acquired by Sony in a deal which says that OnLive will be shut down by April 30th. As the games are all hosted on OnLive’s servers, you won’t be able to play them after OnLive shuts down. And everything else tied to OnLive will cease to work, such as the hardware peripherals that OnLive provided. However, if you brought these peripherals after February 1, you are eligible for a refund.

Sony will be getting its hands on OnLive’s technology, secrets and patents, meaning that it can improve upon its own game Streaming Service, which itself was built when Sony acquired Gaikai. And since Sony has quite a lot of resources, even if Sony’s services aren’t ready right now, Sony sure will be ready when the time comes for Cloud Gaming.

What do you think? When do you think will Cloud Gaming become viable?


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