OnePlus finally releases OxygenOS for the OnePlus One

oxygenos oneplus

The OnePlus One is a phone designed by an up and coming manufacturer with top-end specs and a mid-end price. Apparently, that combination is so power that it can actually send devices flying off the shelves even with a complicated invite system.

The One has been running Cyanogenmod till now. Cyanogenmod is a custom build of Android that has lots of new features, lots more customizability and lots more freedom. Initially, Cyanogenmod was meant to be installed on any phone with a long arduous process.

With that alone, it managed to attract millions of users. Over the years, this process has simplified, and Cyanogenmod has matured enough for manufacturers to opt for it instead of stock Android.

But when Cyanogenmod struck an exclusivity-deal with Micromax for the Yu Yureka, leading to a legal struggle for OnePlus in India, obviously, things between Cyanogenmod and OnePlus didn’t end in good terms. Then, OnePlus announced that it is going to make its own Android ROM, named OxygenOS.

After months of hype and a few delays, OnePlus has finally released OxygenOS for the One.

It is just stock Android with a few basic extra features, such as gestures, quick settings customization and file manager. Other than some tiny tweaks, that’s it. Essentially stock Android, with a few features. There isn’t even a UI Overlay, which is a good thing.

The catch though, is that One owners have to flash it themselves. It won’t be an OTA (Over the Air) update. This means users have to unlock bootloaders, recoveries and flash the OxygenOS ROM, the details of which OnePlus has explained in a simpler way.

What do you think? How many will migrate to OxygenOS?


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