Report: The next Apple TV won’t support 4K Streaming

Apple TV home screen

The Apple TV hasn’t got a major refresh in years, and as per months of rumors, it was to get its major update this year. The major update will continue to go through, with the upgraded innards, new sensors and a UI overhaul, but it seems this years’ Apple TV won’t have support for 4K Streaming.

Now there are very few 4K Streaming services, and even from them, content selection is extremely limited. Moreover, you need a 4K TV, an Internet Connection with a speed of 15mbps or higher and a processor powerful enough to transcode 4K. Those three factors come together to make 4K expensive and not viable currently, so perhaps Apple’s decision is justified.

Even then, the Apple TV will reportedly have the same A8 chip in the iPhone 6 and the Air 2, meaning that the chip itself would be able to inherently support 4K. This means that if Apple sees 4K as viable, i.e 4K prices drop and content selection improves, perhaps Apple may include 4K as part of a system update later down the road.

But if Apple doesn’t provide the Apple TV with top-notch HDMI 2.0 ports, you won’t be able to view 4K at 60fps and would only be able to view at 24 or 30 fps. Fortunately, these high-frame rates are required only for gaming, and aren’t really necessary and are perhaps even detrimental for regular video content.

In any case, the Apple TV isn’t successful enough to make  industry changes with its decisions, so if you have the right gear and want a 4K Streaming box, you will soon get one, just not from Apple.





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