LG lets the cat out of the bag: Reveals plans that are supposedly of an Apple 8K Display

Take a quick look at any electronics store, and upon almost all of the TVs you see, you’ll observe a FullHD stamp. This standard has become the upper ceiling for most users, and frankly, it is getting a bit old in the tooth.

So 4K Screens started coming and reducing in price, and then suddenly Apple released a 5K Display. Then, some manufacturers unveiled 8K Displays. Yes, a 8K Display, so many pixels jampackked together that they will probably melt your eyes.

Now, it seems that LG has revealed by mistake that Apple is working on a 8K Display that will probably  be released as an iMac later this year.

It happened in a press-release, where LG was showcasing its latest display technologies, including 8K. There, it said that Apple too is working on a 8K Display.

Now LG is a company that has close-relations with Apple when it comes to displays.  Hell, it even makes some of them. So its declaration that Apple is going to release a 8K Display is perhaps even true. If not this year, then perhaps next year.

Now, frankly speaking, 8K is ridiculous. 4K is less ridiculous, but even it is a few years away. We still do not have the content delivery and display pipelines in place for 4K, let alone 8K. The current internet infrastructure bows down to lots of full HD traffic, now imagine what would happen if this traffic were accessing a 4K, or god forbid a 8K Video. Simply put, we don’t have the technologies for either to go mainstream yet.

Furthermore, when it comes to TVs, you need to buy large-screen TVs in order to truly appreciate a difference between full HD and 4K as normal viewing distances. Now forget 8K, at least on TVs, because your eyes won’t be able to see the difference.

But when it comes to computer monitors, those extra pixels may come in handy, but only on larger screens. In any case, these resolutions aren’t ready for primetime yet.

What do you think? Is 8K completely ridiculous?


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