Report: Google is getting close to adding iOS support to Android Wear


Android Wear is one of the most matured Smartwatch OSes right now, with a great UI and an established ecosystem. But the problem is that it is available only on Android,

Earlier, a developer found a way to get Android Wear to work with iOS, but it wasn’t all that useful and needed quite a bit of work.

Now, it seems Google itself is working on bringing Android Wear to iOS and according to a report by The Verge, it is nearing completion.

Android Wear for iOS will be a companion app, and will purportedly have most of the same features that Android Wear for Android has, such as notifications, Google Now Cards, voice control, etc.

Even if Google does complete porting Android Wear to iOS, Apple could still reject its app because well, Apple has its own Apple Watch to cater to, and it doesn’t want any more competition. Then again, it has allowed Pebble to get access to these functions, so why not Google?

What do you think? Will Apple accept Android Wear into the app stoe?


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