Microsoft releases an updated Windows 10 Preview for Phones: Spartan on Phones

We got a look at the Spartan Browser in one of Microsoft’s recent Windows 10 builds, and it seemed to hold up pretty well with Cortana Integration, a Reading Mode, a slick UI and all.

Now Microsoft has released a new version of the Windows 10 Preview for Phones, which contains an early build of the Spartan Browser with rudimentary Reading Mode support.

That’s not all, as Outlook Mail and Outlook Calendar Apps have been included, but mobile versions of the Office Suite has been removed, as the full Office Suite is going to be released by Microsoft very soon.

Some apps, like Maps, Phone, Messaging, etc have gone through a UI redesign, following the design themes that Windows 10 sets forth.

This new build also supports a lot of new phones due to a partition resizing tool included by Microsoft. Phone compatibility is on the rise, with only one-two recent phones not being compatible due to some hardware compatibility issues which will soon be fixed.

What do you think? Windows 10 is poising up to be one of the most exciting Microsoft releases, no?


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