Report: Google X is working on Batteries that last a lot longer

Technology is advancing exponentially, but there is something that technology needs and relies on, but it isn’t evolving so fast, creating a discrepancy. We are, of course, talking about battery life.

Processors get faster, screens get bigger and brighter and all we have managed to do is to make bigger batteries, instead of actually improving battery technology.

Now, Google X seems to be up for the task for designing an all new battery technology that is much more efficient and much more effective than current standards like Lithium Ion, according to a report by the WSJ.

This project will yield batteries not just for any particular technology, but for the full span of the technologies Google is working on, including wearables, automatic cars and will go on to revolutionize other industries, such as the mobile one.

However, currently, only four people are working on the project. We really hope Google focuses more on this project, as battery life is extremely lacking right now and is proving to be a bottleneck hindering further innovation.

What do you think? Can Google make better batteries?



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