The Vanity Screen: Sharp announces a ridiculous 4k Smartphone Display that kills Performance and annihilates Battery Life

Sharp 4K smartphone display

We have come a long way from the release of the first Smartphone. From single core processors to octa-core ones, and from a few gigs of storage to some packing a whopping 128gb. Now, it seems we have come too far.

We have seen 2k on a Smartphone, and that was borderline ridiculous. You couldn’t see a difference with 1080p unless you observed really, really carefully, which wouldn’t occur under normal usage.

1080p seemed to be the upper limit for reasonable detail differences in Smartphones, but it seems manufacturers just like to fool the public with some snake oil.

Sharp has announced its 4K Display for Smartphones, i.e a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels spread over 5.5 inches to give a mind boggling pixel-density of 805 ppi.

Forget debating about the benefits of pixels per inch going over 400, 800 ppi is simply ridiculous and offers no advantages. In fact, it is detrimental to battery life, performance and screen brightness, since the increase in resolution comes with increased power draws, more powerful GPUs required for rendering content at such resolutions and finally more pixels usually means less brightness.

These screens will start appearing in Smartphones from 2016, and we really hope that everyone starts to focus on battery technology, rather than the display technology which really cannot be improved upon to noticeable levels right now.

What do you think? How many will be fooled by Sharp’s ridiculous display?


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