Google’s Wireless Carrier Ambitions laid out in clearer detail with leaked app

We have known for long that Google is interested in the communications industry, with it already having deployed Google Fiber in many areas, offering stiff competition with high-speeds for low prices.

We have seen rumors come and go about Google’s dreams of becoming a piggy-backing wireless carrier, and now, these rumors seem to hold a lot more ground, since a build of the Nexus 6’s firmware has leaked which contains a new App, named Project Fi.

As you have probably guessed, Project Fi is the app through which Google’s carrier service is managed on your phone.

It seems Google’s service will follow an aggressive cellular to wifi handoff policy, to reduce mobile data usage.

Now there is another app, named Tycho, which has also leaked. It is basically for managing your carrier services. The app itself offers lots of control over your carrier, including the ability to start/stop any carrier services, change plants, start/stop data, etc.

The best part is that you would be charged based on your usage, with inexpensive fees in case you exceed any specified limits, unlike  current carriers which both force you to buy expensive packs you probably won’t even use, and even if you do so, you’ll incur expensive fees.

As expected, Google won’t be deploying its own set of signal stations across the country. It would be piggybacking on T-Mobile and Sprint’s extensive network.

We would probably see a Google Carrier Service announcement at Google I/O 2015. Till then, stay tuned.

What do you think? Does Google has what it takes to on behemoths like Verizon and AT&T?


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