Google announces the “Works with Cardboard” Program to improve the Mobile VR Scene

The various facets of Virtual Reality are poised for large-scale consumer adoption, but even then it may take a few years for that to happen.

Google earlier announced the Cardboard, a cheap $25 VR Headset that uses your Smartphone as the display for the cheapest Virtual Reality experience you can find, and it punched way higher than its pricetag.

Since the design specifications for Cardboard are open-sourced, many new VR Headsets have emerged, basing their designs on Cardboard but with some tweaks.

However, in this proliferation of VR Headsets, there is a widely varying quality scale. Google is looking to fix this, and has announced the “Works with Cardboard” Program to improve the mobile VR Scene with a stamp of approval from Google telling you that products live up to quality standards.

Plus, this stamp of approval is also a QR Code which can be scanned in by the Cardboard App to calibrate your phone and compatible apps for the best possible Virtual Reality experience.

Any manufacturer of mobile VR Headsets can apply for this stamp of approval and they’ll be accepted if they meet certain quality and compatibility standards.

For your convenience, Google has opened a store┬ácontaining the VR Headsets that are a part of the “Works with Cardboard” Program.

Along with this, Google is also updating the SDK for Google Cardboard, specifying design guidelines for better VR Apps, and also having improvements that can help improve your VR Experience, such as better head-tracking.

What do you think? Is Mobile VR going to be big?


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