OnePlus sends out invites for an event on April 20

oneplus april 20

The OnePlus One is a phone that currently offers you the best value for money, but it has been quite a few months, and while the phone remains as fast as ever, it seems it is time for an upgrade.

OnePlus had earlier announced an event on April 1, but that was for a drone. Now, it has announced an event for April 20, where it may possibly announce two phones.

One would be the successor to the OnePlus One, and the other would be more focused on design rather than specs.

We think that it will retain the Invite System for ordering devices, and that these new devices are the reason why OnePlus is selling without invites on Tuesdays, i.e to clear out all existing stocks of the OnePlus One.

Now, all we can do is to wait till April 20. What do you think? Will the OnePlus Two live up to the success and value for money of its predecessor?


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