WhatsApp well on its way to hitting 1 billion Users: Now has over 800 million users


WhatsApp is currently the fastest growing messaging application, as it is showing impressive signs of growth that are much more than its closest competitors, such as Facebook’s Messenger, which has been stagnating on 600 million users.

WhatsApp’s CEO has announced that it has reached over 800 million users, which means that it has signed up that 100 million within just three months, since it was sitting at 700 million in January.

The growth seems to have been accelerated with the introduction of the new calls feature, which enables WhatsApp users to call each other over the Internet, costing them nothing (Sparing Internet charges, of course).

While the amount was a bit too large to comprehend then, now we can understand why Facebook payed over 20 billion dollars for acquiring WhatsApp. It is poised to reach over 1 billion users soon, just a bit behind Facebook’s 1.4 billion users. To have two applications with over a billion users is extremely lucrative, perhaps even worth 20 billion dollars.

What do you think? Will WhatsApp cross Facebook in the numbers?


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