Boost your battery for days: iPhone Case comes with ePaper Screen on the Back

PopSlate for iPhone

The bane of today’s smartphones always has been battery life, and most of the  battery drains away mostly due to simple notifications checks, with light up the display and engage the processor when it is not even required.

Many have suggested the inclusion of an ePaper Screen, which can dramatically improve battery life. For context, the Kindle uses E-Ink (Similar to ePaper), and it lasts for a month.

The YotaPhone did this, and its second iteration puts high-end hardware along with a nifty ePaper Screen on the back.

But if you don’t want to switch phones, you’re in luck, because PopSlate, a successfully funded IndieGogo Project is starting to deliver on its promises with case for the iPhone 6 that transforms the back into a 4 inch ePaper Display, while sacrificing thinness.

Also, the ePaper Display is low-res and is not a touchscreen, unlike the YotaPhone.

However, you won’t see it as well-integrated as the YotaPhone. This means that not even notifications will come through. All you can do, is to display something on the screen, such as an Image. Images can be transferred through the PopSlate App. Even then, only eight images can be stored.

However, these capabilities are expected to be improved soon.

The case itself lasts for upto 7 days, and costs $129. It isn’t a part of the phone like the YotaPhone, and it is more akin to having to carrying two devices than one..

What do you think? Is the PopSlate for you?


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