Google announces Project Fi: The cheapest and the most convenient Carrier in the US

It is no secret that the mobile internet scene in the US is pretty bad, with tiny amounts of data going at extremely expensive rates, and even with truly unlimited plans, which you pay so much to get, you still face throttling.

We have been hearing rumors that Google wants to fix the state of the mobile carrier Industry in the US, and now, Google has finally announced Project Fi, which is definitely one of the more interesting projects in this space.

The key part is that Google itself isn’t a carrier. It is just piggybacking on the networks that have partnered with it. Currently, it is only T-Mobile and Sprint, and we may see more join soon.

Now we go to a lot of places where the reception of one carrier is spotty, and in these cases, Project Fi automatically connects to the better and faster network. It also connects to certain high-speed verified hotspots, where all traffic will be encrypted, but this feature is limited to the Nexus 6 for now.

Google wants to make these carrier handoffs and LTE-WiFi handoffs much more seamless, with everything occuring in the background. You are calling over WiFi, for example, and as soon as you move out of range, you switch over to LTE seamlessly.

The pricing too is extremely reasonable, starting from $20 per month for 1GB LTE Data, and $10 for every additional 1GB.  This data will be available across 120 countries with no extra charges, and here’s the kicker: If you, for example, buy 2GB and don’t use it fully, the remaining amount will be refunded to you.

Now you are probably looking to sign up on this service as soon as possible, but unfortunately, it is only for Nexus 6 owners for now. This is partly because the encryption features wouldn’t be handled that well with other handsets, especially low-power ones.

However, if Google Fi is successful, we may see it become more accommodating and ir could include support for more devices and more networks.

What do you think? Is Project Fi the future?


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