Report: A new Google Glass is in the works, and it may have a high-end Design


Google Glass was an experiment. Whether we humans we really ready to move around with cameras on our faces, and seeing these cameras on other’s faces. Whether we were ready for the constant stream of information, right in our face. The upgrade to the smartphone, basically: More portable, more effective and always connected.

But Glass failed, colossally, firstly due to its dorky (But still futuristic) design, and secondly, having a camera everywhere was just too much. Eventually, the Glass name itself went tarnished with public privacy movements.

Then Tony Fadell, the creator of Nest and a part of the team that created the iPod was put in charge of the project, to revamp it. He immediately closed down the Explorer program, and set out to turn the Glass Project around, leaving behind all old Glass models. A fresh start.

Now, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal, this new Glass is almost ready, and may be announced soon. It has a completely changed design to make it look more modern, and it  may perhaps be built in a partnership with fashion giant Luxoticca.

Other details are scarce, but naturally, we can expect better input methods, a more refined OS, better performance and of course, better battery life. Oh, and Glass’ $1500 pricetag will also be a thing of the past, with Glass 2.0 coming in for a price that is reportedly far lower.

Now, all we can do is wait.

What do you think? Would Glass 2.0 be successful, or just fun, even?


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