Google Now now integrates with data from over 70 Applications

Google Now is a context-driven Card-based Virtual Assistant that pops up the information you want even before you ask for it. It does this by combing through every bit of data it has connected to you, such as your browsing history, your Mails, your  Calendar, etc and it uses this to form its virtual representation of you.

It knows of your travel schedules, your appointments and basically anything else, and over the past few months, it is becoming more useful with third-party integration, which basically means that data from selected Apps will be shown in Google Now.

Google has announced that Now is now compatible with over 70 new Apps, including News Readers such as Feedly and Circa, Fitness Data from Runkeeper, Jawbone, etc and much, much more, including OpenTable, Spotify,  AllRecipe, etc.

Some will have actionable Cards, such as OpenTable, with which you can pay your bill with some taps.

Google’s Search Application Update should be downloaded, and all other applications must be up to date for this to work.

What do you think? Did Google Now just get a lot more useful?


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