Microsoft’s Continuum turns your Phones into full-fledged PCs

Windows 10 phone Contiuum

Windows 10 is one of Microsoft’s biggest releases in years, and it truly is the best representation of Microsoft’s unified Operating System Vision, with a UI that adapts to every form factor and a codebase that is shared across all devices resulting in applications running across all devices, no matter whether it is a Phone or a Computer.

While this shared codebase is limited to Universal Applications, it is still a start, and now, Microsoft is improving upon Universal Applications with Continuum.

Continuum, as you know, is a feature in Windows 10 that dynamically adapts to your device and the peripherals connected to it. For example, you have a Tablet, then it would be in Touchscreen Mode, but as soon as you connect a keyboard, it changes to Desktop Mode.

Now, Microsoft is announcing an extension of this feature. Basically, if you connect your Phone to a monitor, it will turn into a PC, and this isn’t just about outputting Video to a Monitor. The entire OS will change to PC Mode, and all applications will run in PC Mode, since they will all share a codebase that is applicable across all platforms.

However, this feature will only be available in newer phones, since Microsoft says that some special hardware is required for this feature.

We expect Windows 10 to release in the Summer, and Windows 10 for Phones will come right around that time.

What do you think? Are you excited for a unified computing experience?


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