Samsung drops a bombshell: The S6 suffers from a very major memory problem

Galaxy S6 (left) and Galaxy S6 Edge (right) - image credit Samsung

Over the past few years, we have seen Samsung absolutely dominate the Smartphone Market with its as many devices as it can strategy, that puts devices satisfying every possible need on every possible price point.

However, due to stagnation of innovation, smaller upstarts like Xiaomi have been able to eat away at the market-share of Samsung, and last year, for the first time, Samsung’s profits dropped.

The Galaxy S6 was supposed to rectify these problems, with a completely metal-design, a slim body and a polished user experience. And it did these things, since reviewers noted its lovely design (Albeit the bottom is indistinguishable from the iPhone 6). Many said that it was the Android Phone of the year.

Samsung is back, it seems. But now, many users are reporting issues with their Galaxy S6 Smartphones, and we have yet to elicit a response from Samsung, until now.

Samsung has officially acknowledged that some Galaxy S6  and S6 Edge smartphones face a really serious memory problem, that makes the whole Operating System unstable and massively affects performance.

It is not a hardware problem, thankfully, since the bug lies in the software, i.e Samsung-modified Android. The bug basically doesn’t allow the RAM to free up. Meaning that even if you close apps, they will still occupy RAM Space, which means that as soon as the space fills up, you see crashes, slow performance, etc.

There’s a temporary fix, and that is to force-kill the Applications, which can  be done by going into Settings -> Apps -> App you want to close.

We hope Samsung will rectify it in the upcoming update for the S6 and the S6 Edge.

What do you think? Are you suffering from the same problem? On a side note, do you think the S6 can bring back lost marketshare for Samsung?



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