The Apple Watch contains a hidden-port that may be a potential goldmine for Accessories

The wearables Industry is showing signs of growth, and many have been interested by the prospect of participating in this industry. However, there hasn’t been only one player that has experienced runway success here, since most wearables don’t sell all that much.

When you look at the big picture, however, the wearables Industry is thriving and is showing impressive growth. Now Apple has entered into the market, and many look towards it to revolutionize the Wearable Industry like it did with Tablets and Smartphones.

Right now, Apple doesn’t seem to have done anything innovative, since the competition already offers most features of the Apple Watch, and others are gimmicks (Do you really envision leaning into your wrist to hear the tinny voice through a small speaker on your wrist?).

Right now, the only way to charge an Apple Watch is through the MagSafe charging method, but Reserve Strap has found a six pint port for diagnostics. The interesting thing is that Diagnostic Port can both receive and send power, and it can charge the battery much faster than the MagSafe Method.

We have also seen rumors of battery-extending cases for the Apple Watch, so they might finally materialize.  Indeed, not just for topping up your watch, but with the right hardware and software, many innovative accessories may be released.

The weird thing is that Apple itself hasn’t announced the existence of such a port. Apple currently has no say about the mater, and so you can tinker away.

We may expect support for this in the next Apple Watch Update.


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