Virtual Reality is here: Oculus announces that it is releasing the Oculus Rift in early 2016


Virtual Reality has been the dream for the last thirty years. The dream of having an immersive experience in another world, where the lines between reality and virtual reality blur has always been the vision, but it has never been conceptualized.

At the end of the 20th Century, many tried their take on Virtual Reality, but the technology of the time wasn’t able to give a proper Virtual Reality experience. Fast forward about ten years, we have the hardware, but we have lost interest around Virtual Reality, till a little startup launched a crowdfunding campaign and changed the world of Virtual Reality forever.

Yes, we are talking about Oculus, which after having a blockbuster crowdfunding campaign, was bought up by Facebook in a deal worth billions. Due to it, we have rejuvenated interest in Virtual Reality, and everyone is taking notice. Companies are entering into the VR Game.

However, while this has escalated the competition in Virtual Reality, which is good, there’s also Oculus’ Business to think of. While most companies have announced release dates for their VR Headsets, Oculus was yet to do so.

Oculus Crescent Bay- Lighter, Improved Display & 360 Degree Tracking

Now, the pioneer has finally caught up and has announced a release-date of “early 2016” for the Oculus Rift, the last update for which was Crescent Bay. We experience some minor improvements, and Oculus has already said that the release date will also see the launch of Oculus Rift’s Virtual Input Device, which is supposedly revolutionary and is built from the ground up for Virtual Reality.

And Oculus is already setting up the networks required for the successful deployment of Virtual Reality. Firstly, it is in talks with distributors and store owners to have Oculus Rift Headsets as select stores to enable people to experience Virtual Reality.

On release day, it could be ordered on their website. More importantly, Oculus is in talks with several developers about building “Made for VR” Games, i.e games built from the ground up for Virtual Reality.

It seems Oculus’ Store will be tightly controlled, similar to the way Apple controls the App Store. It is probably for good, however, since Virtual Reality needs to have the best possible experience on launch, since it is one of the most innovative products in years.

However, price hasn’t been announced. Even if the price is below $300, as it most probably will be, you will need to have an expensive PC to actually run the Rift. If you don’t have that kind of dough to throw around, you would be better off with Project Morpheus, with works with the PS4. It too will launch in early 2016.

What do you think? Will the Oculus dominate the Virtual Reality Market? Will the Virtual Reality Market take off?


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