A developer hacks together a Web Browser for the Apple Watch


Every day, we see the release of some new device, but that’s not the exciting part. The exciting part is how fast tinkerers get their way with the device and make it do what they want.

The sheer thrill of doing something that the manufacturer never intended cannot be replicated. It is peculiar really, that for almost every device out there, we have some modification for it or the other that either enhances its functionality or is just for fun.

Even Apple devices, which are famously known for being locked down by Apple, cannot escape the onslaught of hackers and tinkerers. iPhones and iPads have been jailbroken and we are just a few days into the release of the Apple Watch, and already, it has been targeted by Comex, a developer who is popular in iOS Jailbreaking Circles.

He has now hacked together / modified a Web Browser to run on the device, and while that may not seem much, it is still quite impressive. Mind you, he isn’t the first developer to tinker in Web Browsers into wearables. Well, that credit goes to the one who released a Web Browser for Android Wear.

The current implementation is still glitchy,  with cutoffs, screen issues, etc. Indeed, Comex might eliminate  these issues in future updates.

Of course, this is just for fun, since who would like to browse the Web on their Wrist? It is just not made for it, and may work in a pinch, but it really isn’t meant to do so.

What do you think? Is your wrist a good place for a Web Browser?



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