Windows Phone sees the return of LG: A lazy effort to see what sticks

Windows Phone is in a dire state right now. It seems that App Development has pretty much stalled, and the only new hardware seems to be coming from Nokia, a company that is owned by the company that makes Windows Phone, that is, Microsoft.

People aren’t buying Windows Phones, since there aren’t any applications for them and even with remarkable hardware on the shelves (Lumia 1020 had the best Camera along phones, for instance), the lack of developer support has been a dealbreaker for so many that Windows Phone gets a measly share in the Smartphone Market, well below its Android and iOS counterparts.

Indeed, even Microsoft is ignoring Windows Phone, releasing better Software first on Android and iOS, which is good for Microsoft, but alienates Windows Phone users.

However, Microsoft has a plan to revive Windows Phone: Windows 10, which will introduce Universal Apps that will run on every form-factor, and Microsoft hopes that this will bring the developer support that Windows Phone sorely needs. More importantly, Microsoft has somehow managed to make porting Apps from Android and iOS to Windows Phone into a task that requires minimal effort, and it hopes that this will lead to a huge wave of ported applications  for Windows 10 users.

Moreover,Windows Phone  has Cortana, which is one of the best voice assistants on the market, and this, combined with the increased developer support will push Windows Phone to the upper ranks of the Smartphone Market. Or so Microsoft hopes.

And seeing this increased frenzy around Windows Phone, and observing its not so profitable ventures into the Android Market, LG is trying Windows Phone for a change, and is announcing its first Windows Phone device in years.

However, with low-end specs, it is just LG’s lazy and pathetic effort to throw everything it has to see what sticks. The phone in question is called the LG Lancelet, and has a pixellated 4.5 Inch 854×480 Pixel  display, in an age of budget HD screens.

It runs on a  Snapdragon 410 Processor, which isn’t too beefy but at least is future-proof with a 64 Bit Architecture, and it is combined with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of Storage, with MicroSD Expansion support.

Now it has a 8MP Shooter on the back and a VGA one on the front, which wouldn’t be all that good, but they would surely be serviceable for the occasional stint on Social Media.

Everything is powered by a 2100mAH Battery. It runs Windows 8.1, with a Windows 10 Update in the pipeline.

Now for those measly specs, you do get a cheap phone, at $120 off contract. It is exclusive to Verizon though, which also gives you an option to buy it at $20 on contract.

Windows 10, with all the excitement surrounding it, will probably herald a new wave of high-end Windows Phone Smartphones that may improve interest in the category.

What do you think? Will Windows 10 bring back the users that Microsoft lost to Android and iOS?



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