Apple has acquired a company, seemingly to improve the accuracy and usefulness of Apple Maps


One of the biggest hits to Apple’s reputation in recent years is Apple Maps. It launched innocently enough, bundled in with iOS 6 and promising to change the Navigation Experience completely, offering 3D Views akin to those in standalone GPS Units.

But Apple Maps was certainly incomplete, and had a lot of bugs, and even missing areas altogether. It drove people in the middle of nowhere, and was wildly inaccurate, leading to the firing of Apple Maps’ creator.

Of course, Apple has fixed most of these issues in subsequent updates, but most haven’t taken notice and have stuck with good old Google Maps, which is coincidentally made by Apple’s biggest rival, Google.

Now, it seems Apple has acquired Coherent, a small company that is working on solutions that can greatly reduce location-fix time and greatly improve accuracy.

Before we go any further, lets go about how this conclusion was reached. It was first noticed by MacRumors. Well, according to their Linkedin Profiles, three out of ten team members of Coherent work at Apple, and the Coherent Website seems to have closed down and Coherent itself has ceased operations, all of which suggest that it has been acquired by Apple.

Apple has announced that it has indeed acquired Coherent, further clarifying the matter.

Now Coherent specializes in GPS-Iridium Integration Technology. This means that instead of just depending upon the GPS Satellites that we normally use, Coherent also takes in data from Iridium Communications Satellites, leading to better accuracy, better reliability and faster locks.

Apple will perhaps use Coherent’s technology to improve Apple Maps.

What do you think? Can Apple make you switch back to Apple Maps?


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