Cut one head, two more rise up: The Pirate Bay’s domain seized by Sweden, moves to six other domains




Since the beginning of the Internet, we have been in the midst of a neverending battle between media companies and piracy advocates. Although this battle has taken many forms, with Napster among the noticeable names, it has settled on one resilient enemy that just doesn’t seem to go down.

Yes, we are talking about the Pirate Bay. It is truly the Hydra of the Piracy-world, with numerous attempts to take it down remaining unfruitful. The Pirate Bay’s servers were raided, it moved to cloud hosting. It was closed down, it was reopened. It was banned in some places, and it opened up an alternative link. The Pirate Bay has endured several more of these efforts, and the longest seemed to be in November, when it closed down. But no, this year, it came back with a bang.

Now, the Pirate Bay’s main domains, i.e and are being seized by the Swedish Government as per a decision by the Stockholm District Court.

One might think that it is finally time to put down this age old vessel for piracy, but no, the Pirate Bay lives up to its reputation and has already started redirecting users to other domains. Yes, domains. Instead of moving over to just one domain, the Pirate Bay has secured itself six domains, including  .gs,  .la, .vg, .am, .mn and .gd.

Of course, the Pirate Bay isn’t a bit hurt by this move. Infact, it openly mocks the decision in a statement to Torrentfreak:

“Congratulations to Prosecutor Fredrik Ingblad. Two years hard work to get us to change two little letters at a cost of $20,000 per letter. He could have given us $35,000 and we would have left the domain, thus saving the Swedish tax payer $5,000. All he had to do was ask nicely.”

It seems the Pirate Bay would never go down, and authorities seems to be wasting away tons of money in legislation, even as these efforts turn out to be in vain.

What do you think? Will piracy continue to be rampant?



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