LG showcases its large TV that is so light that it can be hung using magnets

A model gently lifts the ultra-slim, detachable wallpaper OLED panel made by LG Display Co. at a media event held in Seoul on May 19, 2015. (Photo courtesy of LG Display Co.)

Televisions are one of the least-upgraded devices around the house. A good TV set can easily last you at least ten years or more, and even with new standards around the block, this still holds true.

However, due to this , television manufacturers are afraid to experiment with TV Concepts due to this, since they probably won’t sell all that well if they come into fruition.

But LG has now announced a large 55 Inch OLED Panel, and while LG is probably the only TV Manufacturer focusing on OLEDs, but the real kicker is its weight.

It is unbelievably thin at 1mm on its  thinnest ends and 4.3mm on its widest. Now this TV weighs only 1.97 KG which is extremely light. So light, in fact, that it can be attached onto a wall with a magnetic pad. It peels right off, so we believe that some parts aren’t inside the TV Body itself, since it is thin and flexible, which is why the TV may have some parts bundled in a small box that sits under the TV.

Further details about this TV haven’t been revealed.

Now LG has hit some manufacturing milestone, where after much optimization, LG has been able to mass-manufacture OLED Screens, something no other manufacturer has done.

LG believes OLED Screens will become more popular this year, and soon, with advances in manufacturing processes, we may see more OLED Screens proliferating the market.

What do you think? Do you think OLED Screens will become popular?



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