Report: Apple will give older devices a speed boost with iOS 9


In the technology Industry, you are expected to upgrade your devices regularly. Even if you have no need for a new device, companies will try every tactic in a book to make sure that you are in line with the upgrade cycle.

There’s a term for this, and it applies to all industries. It is called ‘Planned Obsolescence’, and it basically means to limit a device in a way such that the consumer is forced to upgrade after some time.

Apple, and other manufacturers have started applying the principles of planned obsolescence to their products, in order to force customers to upgrade. Case in point, sealed batteries. If they fail, you can’t replace them, you have to buy a new device.

But manufacturers have also started intentionally crippling older devices with software updates. iOS 7 and 8 weren’t satisfactory for older devices like the iPad Mini.

Now, however, Apple has changed its strategy. You see, Apple’s products are usually expensive, making them inaccessible to most people in developing markets.

However, Apple has employed the strategy of not discontinuing older devices, leading them to become much cheaper and so it is selling more Apple Products.

But there’s still a problem. These are much older devices, and if  consumers face lag, their perception of Apple itself would be tainted, and they would not buy more Apple devices.

Apple doesn’t want this, and  according to 9to5Mac, it is working on an update for older devices that will improve performance. While iOS 9 will be released with the usual new features and performance improvements for newer devices, Apple is supposedly building an optimized version of iOS 9 for older devices, specifically ones with the A5 Chip. This means that 4s and the iPad Mini, the cheapest devices in Apple’s lineup will get faster.

Now all we can do is wait for the official announcement at WWDC, which will take place around next week.

What do you think? Can Apple make older devices faster?

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